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One of the most common fears travelers face when traveling, is the fear of not being able to communicate in countries of different language. It´s for them that after an arduous work of raising the most frequent necessities that we have traveling, I have designed HELP! traveler bracelet, so you can ask for directions just by indicating the icon of what you are looking for.

Tris travel accessory was born inspired by the Iconspeak T Shirt, that is a genius invention, but solve a few problems I saw there, like you can´t use it everyday, take up space in your luggage, and that you have to take it off to take a shower or bathe in the sea. Your HELP! traveler bracelet you can use it during all your trip, without need to remove it, is comfortable and resistent, and you don´t need to point your upper body, something that for women can be uncomfortable and even a disrespect in some countries. In addition, as you use it on the wrist, you have instant visual access to the icons to point them out quickly and easily as you need.

Communicate with just point out in your HELP! Traveler Bracelet what you need

HELP! Traveler Bracelet, was made of durable silicone,non-toxic and non-flammable, has 14 universal symbols, comes in 6 vibrant colors, and the advantage is that you can use it during your entire trip, without occupying space and has an attractive design.

Between the symbols that you will have in your HELP! Traveler Bracelet are: police, hospital, hostel, food/restaurant, currency exchange, plug for charging your electronics, bathroom, and public transportation, among others. I hope with this accessory to help travelers, and that language ceases to be a barrier for them to travel the world.

The packaging is recyclable and has a friendly design. Has a double function, in addition to containing the bracelet will serve you as a disposable tag for your suitcase or backpack.

Brilliant colors and an atractive design

If you are interested in getting the bracelet, I will be giving away some on the fan page of the blog in facebook. And to acquire it you can contact me here through the contact form. The bracelet is available in Chile, Argentina and Mexico for the moment, but I hope to be able to put it in many more places soon. Good news!! if you are in the United States you can buy it on Ebay now! 

If you already have your HELP! Traveler Bracelet, don`t forget to upload your picture with it touring the world to Instagram, using the hashtag #pasaportesindestinoHELP or tagging the acount @pulseraviajerahelp. Monthly I will be delivering awesome gifts to travelers who upload their photos. If you want to know more about how to use your bracelet, I invite you to see the following animation


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