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I was invited to discover Viña La Playa hotel and I was very happy to return to the Colchagua Valley. I have always thought the whole history of the valley around wine is very magical, but on this trip I discovered that there is much more to do.


The Viña La Playa hotel is a boutique resort with only 11 rooms, located 12 km from Peralillo, in a sector of endless tranquility in the middle of a vineyard, ideal for a few days of disconnection from the daily stress of living in a big city or to go discover more about the chilean wine if you are visiting Chile for the first time.


It is a colonial style twoo-floor mansion, whose premium rooms also have a built-in fireplace, very romantic. The decor is extremely warm, you feel like you are in a country house.


La fachada del hotel

The hotel


Among the things that are important to me when I go to an hotel, there are undoubtedly details and here I found details to spare. From toilet amenities inspired in the world of wine, to arriving at night tired and cold and finding the fireplace in the room lit and a jug of water with mint and lemon on the side table. For me is essential to have water when I go to sleep and this detail really made me smile.


Los detalles se dejan sentir: amenities ligados al mundo del vino y agua aromatizada en las noches en el velador

details are all for me when Im staying at an hotel


Encontrar la chimenea encendida y dormirte con el crepitar de la madera no tiene precio

finding the fireplace like this when you arrive at night is priceless


There are three types of breakfast and what I liked most was the warm bread in a cloth bag and the exquisite natural juice. The hotel staff is extremely frindly and in the dining room they are always attentive to what you may need.


Los desayunos estilo campestre me robaron el corazón

breakfast country style totally stoled my heart


Deliciosa comida estilo mediterranea, esa polenta estaba increíble

Chilean and Mediterranean food is what you may find in the restaurant


The hotel has a swimming pool, tennis court and even a landing yard for small planes. As you are in he middle of a vineyard you can do activities such as go for a bike ride or walk or ask in the front desk for a tour to visit to nearby vineyards or other less known ones, such as El Huique museum or the Casona Echeñique, places full of history, I will tell you more about them in another post. You may also taste the amazing wines of Sutil winery in a special room for this at the hotel with a sommelier.

Catando los exquisitos vinos de la viña Sutil

tasting great wines of Sutil winery at the hotel


I am an escapade lover as you may know, and the hotel was perfect for my kind of escapades, just two and a half hours from Santiago, to feel the connection with nature as it is.

Los colores de la viña en otoño

The colours of the wineyard in autumn


Im going to tell you now a secret, when someone invite me to visit an hotel, I logically know that those in charge will do their best bto show the best of it, thats why I become a researcher and check some aspects on my own before and after I go, to have an experience as real as possible (and tell you the truth about the experience, if I dont like a place, I wont recommend it, no matter what)


In this case a friend contacted the hotel to ask some questions about reservations and services and the response was super friendly and efficient. For me this is essential, because no matter how short the trip, you always start living it when you plan it and if the hotel you choose responds badly, is no good for me no matter how beatiful it looks in pics. Viña La Playa allows you to dream from the beginning.


The hotel also offers a reunion center equipped with the newest technology for business events in a unique environment and common spaces ideal for events such as weddings or any kind of celebrations.


La sala de reuniones destaca por la calidez de sus materiales

the reunion center, great for business events


I loved  visiting  Viña La Playa hotel in autumn and seeing a sunset in the vineyards, I hope to return in summer to enjoy the pool and the massages that they offer for a deeper relaxation.

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