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I visited Venice for a few days and my idea was to make the most of it. I had heard enough about Murano and its crystals, it is certainly the most popular of the surrounding islands, but also investigating began to appear photos of Burano and its colorful houses on the water. And I did not want to lose it.

This visit can be done in just half a day, simply take the vaporetto LN in Fondamente Nuove and in about 45 minutes you will be in Murano. Here I went down and walked one by one the crystal shops, it is amazing the work they do with it, the forms they achieve, the blends of colors, to stay stunned looking at the windows. With a little luck you can see the artists blowing The glass in his workshops.

Murano crystal shops

The shops on average are expensive, but if you are looking calmly you may find some good prices. I brought a small Murano glass tree, which I took care of with my life the rest of the way haha.

If you also take the time to walk around you will find large-scale sculptural works arranged in some corners, the best known of them, is a large blue glass kite, located in the Campo Santo Stefano and is related to the celebration of lights Of Christmas that is made in this island, belongs to the artist Simone Cenedese.

Another of the works of art is the “Giardino Italia” a bouquet of crystal flowers that is located in the vicinity of Briati street, on the way to boarding the vaporetto. But my favorite by far and without a doubt is the two streetlights in love in an alley.

Crystal sculptures in different points of Murano

I took the Vaporetto where the Murano lighthouse is again and in less than 10 minutes it was already in Burano and it is a real jewel, a small island, easy to navigate, houses of bright colors that reflect in its waters. Here I advise you to travel at your leisure. Burano stands out for its thread lace work, a work with a lot of detail that the women of the island do and that they told me has been lost because of the lack of interest of the new generations.

Burano and its colors

You can visit the lace museum, whose entrance costs approximately 4 euros. Other points of interest are its church, whose campanile is crooked and if you want to eat the recommended is a small restaurant called “gato nero”, indispensable to reserve as it is continuously full.

Lace of Burano, what a beautiful work

5 minutes from Burano is the island of Torcello, this island I did not visit, but it is an abandoned island, whose main attraction is the Byzantine cathedral that is there and dating from 639 AD. I know that there is a tour that takes you to these 3 points and that has a value of 20 euros, which is not much more than you can spend on the vaporetto. However I was much more comfortable to go through my time, without pressure, until I tired of taking photos and even get bored looking at the beauty of these places

Have you visited these places? I’d love to hear your opinion

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