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Panama did not figure in my Caribbean imaginary and San Blas was a tremendous surprise, now there is no one to remove this archipelago from number 1 on my list of beach destinations, tranquility and overflowing beauty. Here are the top 10 reasons to fall in love with this destination:

1) Idyllic landscapes: The first thing I felt when I arrived was that it was inside a Windows wallpaper, that classic wallpaper with the island and the turquoise sea that by the way was on my computer during all 90’s. San Blas, Panama, is a true paradise, as soon as you approach in the boat it takes your breath away.

does not look like a wallpaper? Beautiful!

2) 365 virgin islands: No 1 or 2, read well, 365! The islands belong to the Guna and many of them are not inhabited, although they as owners can charge tourists to enter the islands, this usually does not exceed $ 2 or 3 dollars. The islands of San Blas, Panama, are virgins, you can walk them from tip to end and as they are so many, do not be surprised to be in an island completely alone. As in a postcard of the Caribbean.

Like walking on a postcard

3) There are no big hotel chains: This has allowed tourism to be low and therefore the islands of San Blas, are practically intact. Mass tourism has not come to ruin everything, or to destroy everything and hopefully this will continue. Just perfect!

4) Beaches of fine white sand: the sand is fine and because it is white it is not heated, the sea has no waves, perfect for relaxing, without a wave rolling you through the sand.

Beaches of fine white sand, spectacular

5) Perfect for snorkeling and diving: The sea is turquoise and changing tones, the water is of great transparency. There are sunken ships and coral reefs with great diversity of fish and rays, and the sea is a cup of milk in this area. If you like these activities, I think this is definitely your place.

The sea is perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling


6) Ancestral indigenous culture Guna: The Guna are a highly respected indigenous people who own the islands in the region of Guna Yala and it is possible to share with them and see their traditions live. They usually sell their daily fishing to tour guides and to the boats that are anchored in the surroundings. They fish the Snapper and also the lobster when it is not in prohibition and they offer it paddling in its carved cayucos. The Guna women work the craft in Molas, which is a kind of fabric embroidery on fabrics, with invisible stitching and lots of colorful, telling stories. It is a precious work and a lot of tradition. Be respectful and you will surely learn a lot from them and why not, bring some souvenirs back and incidentally help the indigenous local economy.


Guna women showing their “molas” – Guna canoes

7) Good vibe: Both the Guna and the people who rent rooms on their catamarans and sailboats in the archipelago of San Blas, enjoy a rich vibe of relaxation and good vibes, which is absolutely contagious.

8) Tasty and fresh sea food: You can try delicious dishes of fresh fish and exquisite lobsters, accompanied by the tasty coconut rice.

9) The charm of an island, multiplied by 365: I am a fan of the islands because I feel that in them time seems to stop and people live at a different pace. They value life differently, without haste and calm. They share in a different way with their near and the stress that we live in the big cities simply does not exist. I have always been fascinated by the islands and here this multiplies next to every different island option you have to discover.

The calm rhythm of the islands, that allows to lower the revolutions

10) the starry sky in the sea: Never in my life have I seen so many starfishes together, they are on the edge of the islands, different colors at a glance will see them there. Enjoy looking at them but please do not touch them or take them out of the water. They are very fragile living beings, they die not being in the water, they burn with the sunscreen that we use in our skin and they become stressed when touch them. Lets take care of this true paradise and educate others to last for many more years.

Starfish everywhere!

What do you think of this paradise? Have you lived the experience of discovering this place? In the next post I will tell you everything you need to know to get to this place from Panama City.



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